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Fair Catch: Using Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program to Ensure a Healthy Ocean

(MONTEREY BAY, CALIFORNIA) A commercial fishing boat heading into harbor after a day on the water. (Photo: Rick Evans)

Global demand for seafood steadily increases every year. People enjoy eating seafood because of its versatility and health benefits. But, as the popularity of consuming seafood has been rising, there has also been a higher demand for options at markets and restaurants for sustainably sourced fish. Consumers want to know that the seafood they are buying was caught and managed in a way that doesn’t harm the sensitive ocean ecosystem.

(MONTEREY BAY, CALIFORNIA) Pacific Mackerel, a popular fish for eating, on exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. (Photo: Rick Evans)

One great resource people can use to ensure they are getting sustainably caught fish and other seafood is the Seafood Watch program run by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The program was started to give consumers guidance on what to look for when consuming a variety of seafood. They have printable pocket-sized consumer guides organized by specific regions to help make it easier to understand which choices are best when purchasing seafood. People can specify which state they live in to find the appropriate guide for their area. These small manuals are extremely helpful and very easy to carry around everywhere. They also have an app for mobile devices that has the guides included along with a lot of other informative content like a sustainable restaurant finder and conservation reports.

As long as people continue to keep a heightened level of awareness about where their seafood is sourced and how it is caught, the ocean will have a fighting chance of remaining a healthy functioning ecosystem. Choosing to use resources like Seafood Watch is a great place to start making changes necessary to ensure the oceans are thriving and productive for generations to come.

Please visit Seafood Watch today to learn more about how you can help keep the ocean healthy by making smart sustainable choices in the food you eat.

(VENTURA, CALIFORNIA) Alaskan Cod and chips at Andria's Seafood Restaurant and Market is a good sustainable, and delicious, option. (Photo: Rick Evans)

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