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Rick Evans


My name is Rick Evans. The natural world has always fascinated me. I grew up in Northern Florida and spent most of my time outside chasing elusive lizards, snakes, and toads. Hours were spent closely examining sandy shorelines for shark teeth and Sandpipers. Summer nights were filled with intoxicating smells of Confederate Jasmine blooms along with the steady echoing calls of Chuck-Wills-Widow birds out in the oak forests; it is something I will never forget.

Now I live in Southern California where the environment is vastly different but no less amazing. I still have a desire to capture the natural world that I see around me. Though, instead of chasing tree frogs into Mason jars, I now capture my treasures with a camera and lens. my photos create a connection between viewers and the power of the living world that surrounds us. The images will be used in an effort toward conserving the incredible animals and ecosystems that share this world with us.

I received a master’s degree in journalism in order to develop better investigation and reporting skills so I can create informative content that will accompany my photos. This will bring viewers closer to understanding wildlife and how they fit in their respective ecosystems. Join me on this grand endeavor to become better acquainted with our animal neighbors and help make sure we not only respect their homes, but also develop comprehensive science-based solutions to restoring and enhancing their habitats that have become destroyed or threatened.


Go out, connect with Nature,

and Remain Wild.


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